"Hey, Wyoming, this woman will represent you with integrity! Vote for her! Jeanette, where can I send you a campaign donation?"  Kathy Valente


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Jeanette Ward for Wyoming (or JW for W)

1600 E 26th Street

Casper, WY 82601


Campaign Announcement for Wyoming State Representative, Republican, 57th District

Jeanette Ward for Wyoming

(J-W for W)

I came to Casper, Wyoming a political refugee from fascist Illinois. In my service there (2015-2019) as a School Board Member on the largest elected school board in Illinois (U-46), I defended parental rights against the transgender mob, politically biased textbooks, and race hustlers. I publicly exposed a fellow board member who said the American Flag was “nothing more than toilet paper” to her and who said I was the “21st century brand of the KKK”. I ran for State Senate in Illinois in 2020 and learned first-hand how the left converted the Covid scam into a weapon for institutionalized election theft. Losing a previously +9 Republican district by about 1700 votes, I lost VBM (vote by mail) in just ONE of the four counties in my district by roughly 8000 votes, where the clerk for that county didn’t bother to verify any of those VBM signatures. The straw that broke the camel’s back for our family was when one of our high-school daughters was threatened with out-of-school suspension for not wearing a mask. We were DONE with Illinois. I don’t want this for Wyoming. I am proud to be here.




I am a fighter who will defend life and liberty. I believe there are six questions you should ask every person running for office and since I’ve said publicly that every potential candidate should answer these, I hereby offer my answers to them:


1. Do you support medical mandates, including but not limited to, vaccines and facemasks? Answer: Unequivocally, NO. In the last few years some Republicans seem to have forgotten that our party stands for liberty. Republicans in my previous State Senate race didn’t even want me talking about this issue. And Democrats are a lost cause. We need to also remove the Emergency Declaration that started this whole string of events.


2. When does human life begin? Answer: At conception. This is so basic and self-evident that to deny it indicates your conscience has been seared. I agree wholeheartedly with the young woman who screamed at me at a recent pro-life demonstration I was attending, “Not your body, not your choice!” Exactly. The baby’s body is NOT YOUR BODY, NOT YOUR CHOICE.


3. What is marriage, and related, What is a man/woman? Answer: Marriage is one man and one woman. That we let marriage be re-defined as anything else is destructive to society. The answer to the related question “What is a man/woman?” is NOT, “I don’t know; I’m not a biologist”. “In the beginning, He made them male and female.” The answer to what a man and woman are is basic biology. And they say that WE’RE anti-science.


4. When is it OK to raise taxes? Answer: Never. And taxes includes fees, registration fees, land-use fees, application fees; re-naming a tax with a different name doesn’t make it smell sweeter.


5. What is your postion on the 2nd Amendment? "Shall not be infringed" means what it says. I don't need government permission to carry or buy ammunition, like in Illinois. Constitutional carry is the proper understanding of the 2nd Amendment, like in Wyoming, where I now have the honor of living. It's not about hunting. It's about protecting all the other Amendments. 


6. How do you feel about red light cameras? Answer: I hate them and they are unconstitutional. They are an “unreasonable search” and violate the Constitution. In Illinois red light camera companies would donate to candidate’s campaigns and then place red light cameras in their districts, making the argument “It’s for your safety!” Diabolical. May it never be in Wyoming.


I humbly ask for your support and vote. I’m Jeanette Ward for Wyoming (House District 57), or if you like JW for W, as my teenagers would say, J-DUB for DUB.

Official contact: jwforw@gmail.com, 307-222-9747

Republican candidate emerges in race to succeed Gray in Casper House district


"Jeanette Ward announced she’s running as a Republican in a suburban district that is being vacated by Rep. Chuck Gray so he can run for secretary of state.
"Although Ward has been in Casper less than a year, she thinks she’s the best person to represent the residents of HD57. Since arriving in Wyoming, Ward said she has been “quite involved politically and very connected with the liberty lovers here.”
"She was a part of the recent pro-life protests at the abortion clinic that is being built in Casper. She’s also a part of the Natrona County chapter of Moms for Liberty, a national organization that promotes parental rights in government.
..."If she’s successful in this race, Ward said she wants to ensure that Wyoming’s future nuclear power plants are fueled with Wyoming uranium and wants to see a cap put on property taxes. TerraPower, the company bringing the first nuclear reactor to Wyoming, said that future reactors could be fueled with the state’s untapped uranium reserves, but not in time for this first plant.
"Ward would also like to put a property tax cap of 3% in place, just as Gray attempted to do during the 2021 session. Property taxes in many Wyoming counties have risen considerably in the last couple of years, putting the costs out of reach for many residents.


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